On our Create Shop page from the main menu, your can follow the easy setup steps to get your shop online.  Just choose the options you prefer and we will do the rest.  As soon as your shop is created you will receive our Welcome pack with all the details of your shop.

You have the option to choose from a list of  domains available and their associated costs.  We do a free transfer to a purchased domain should you wish to register your own dotcoza , dotcom or dotafrica domain at a later stage.

Choose any hosting option that suits your pocket.  You can at any time upgrade or downgrade your options.  The major difference between hosting options is the amount of space we allocate to your shop, as well as the amount of traffic we allow at any given time.

This in short means that we allow more customer traffic to your site on our bigger hosting options.  But fear not, if you find that your Shop is doing well you can at any time upgrade from your customer section.

You will be guided to our secure payment section for the final step.  Please complete the details as requested and your preferred method of payment.

Once the sign up is completed you will receive your first mail from us with your CLIENT SECTION details.


Supply us with your Company logo and name.  We will adjust the logo to fit into your shop template, and load the details of your company.

This way we can already populate your address, contact numbers and details for you.

To make sure you are in contact with your clients from the start, we will create your first e-mail account for you, and link it to your Shop profile. 

We will provide you with the  details of your mail should you want to set it up on other devices.

As part of our standard setup, we will load some demo products for you.

This is to get you started with some examples of products.  Should you prefer we can also load some of your own products.

This way you can follow our examples to do the rest of your product setup.

After signing up for your hosting account, your client section from where you control your accounts, is immediately available.

Setup procedure for your shop will be available the same day for a standard setup. As this is not an automated procedure, we will communicate the time when it is expected to be ready.  By ordering between 08:00 and 20:00 you will have your site available the same day.

Where you would like us to load some products for you, please allow 48 hours.

When a domain is newly registered, the name servers are changed, or DNS changes are made, you can expect a propagation time up to 24 hours. This is because it takes time for the DNS to take effect across the internet. The actual time of propagation may vary in some locations based on your network setup.

We will in the meantime send you a temporary link which you can use to login to you shop and start working on your venture.  Once propagation is finished you will work on your live site without losing any information you already entered.


Once your Shop setup is done, you will receive your Welcome Pack from us. This document contains all the info to get your Shop online as soon as possible.

The first thing you may want to do is change the Appearance / look of your shop.

We supply you with detailed steps to change colours and your Shop main graphic.  You can also change colours of your Shop buttons and links.

Whether you want to sell single products or services, WooCommerce allows you to setup your speciality.

You will  have the option to give customers a discount coupon for some products as another incentive to support your Shop.

You may want to offer your clients the option of Shipping.

We will setup your Shop to accept COD or Direct bank deposits.  The Welcome pack will guide you through the options of adding your banking details.

Should you prefer to add Credit card options or other Payment gateways, contact us and we will provide you with the options available.

There are some fantastic South African gateways available, with secure payment options to your clients.


Most logins on the Internet starts to happen on Smartphones.  As you may also experience, some of your best browsing happens right there as well!

As we state in our name, we aim to provide you with Responsive Webdesign.  This means that your site will display as neatly on a desktop as well as on smartphones.  You do not need to lay out funds for a desktop or laptop or a tablet!  Manage your shop on the go from your Smartphone.

We prefer and support Templates that we load to be 100% Responsive.  This will give your Shop a professional look whether your clients shop on their phone, or from a desktop.


Yes.  With the installation of the Jetpack module (free), your can manage all aspects from your phone.  It allows you to change layout, pages and other info from your Smartphone.  Update and the changes will pull through to all other platforms.

I will also give you some stats for the site.  See how many people logged into your site, which products perform well and which posts attracted the most visits.

With the WooCommerce app designed for both iPhone and Android, you will receive push notifications for any orders and sales. 

Manage and complete your orders on your Smartphone.

With the easy mail setup, you will receive notifications of all transactions in your email account as well.


You will receive a free guide for getting started on your Smartphone as a separate E-mail.


Information on downloading the WooCommerce app on your Smartphone. This guide will show you  the information needed in the App.
Once the App is linked you can control all your products from your Smartphone.

Some tips on changing your Shop Appearance from your Smartphone.

Once you have done your Smartphone setup, you will be able to follow all the detail in your Welcome Pack, just on your Phone!


Your free Demo is the Shop that we have already populated with some products to get you started.  By following our easy documentation you will have your venture up and running without any hassles.

Other Templates are templates we like on the Internet, with a big variety of layouts to choose from.  They are free to use for your shop template and you can simply download and install for your Shop.  For a small fee we can also do the download and activation for you.

Premuim Themes are developed by individuals and offered for sale.  This normally comes with some good designs and more features already activated.  After your purchased the Theme from the developer we can assist with the download etc.

The internet is packed with thousands of Templates for WordPress and Woocommerce.  You might find that after you settled in with your shop another template might suit your needs better.

If you are comfortable with the installation of a template you can at any time change from Storefront.  Most Premuim Themes (paid templates) have a free smaller version available for download should you want to test it.

We always recommend that you try the free version first.  Contact us should you feel unsure if it is compatible with WooCommerce.

Of course.  For a small fee we will install the Theme for you, and where applicable some demo content if it is provided.  If you already have your shop up and running, let’s test it for you on a duplicate site installation. If it is the one for you we will activate it on your live site

This way you can see with your real data if it suits your needs.

For a Premuim Theme installation (paid Theme), you will have to purchase the Template directly from the developer before we can assist you.  It may take some time do do the Premuim setup for you so we will advise you when we do the installation.  During this period we will put your site in COMING SOON mode which will take it off air for a while.

In your client area you will find a library of documents available to assist you.  We also have articles from the internet that we think you might find usefull.

If you uploaded a Template from another site you will normally find detailed instructions on the setup on their site.

If still unsure contact us for some advice.


Plugins is modular extensions or add-ons to your site.  They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites.

WooCommerce is the standard plugin that we install for you once you register.  It adds the SHOP portion to you website that handles orders, sales.

For starters the WooCommerce plugin is already added by us to your shop.  There is no rule to which other ones you should install and there are literally thousands to choose from.

Normally one would think of another function you need for your website and search in the plugin section of you site.

See it as the same as an app you would load on your phone !

Contact us for your specific needs.  Generally speaking you get the following types:

  • There are Widget plugins that let you add new types of widgets / blocks to your site.

  • Social plugins that allows you to share your content via social networks.

  • Backup and Security plugins that allows you to make backups of your site in case

  • There are media plugins that can help you display images, audio, or video.

  • And there are Custom Post Type and Field plugins that let you add custom post types and fields to your site, like a portfolio section, products, events, staff, etc.

  • There are a range of plugins that let you create custom forms on your site.

  • We have Membership plugins that let you offer free or paid extended membership features or customize things like user roles.

  • There are SEO and Performance plugins that help make your site faster and

  • show up better in search engines and track user information from within WordPress.

  • And finally, we have E-Commerce plugins that let you sell products on your site.

Let us start by saying that we are not affiliated to any of the developers of plugins we mention.  We simply recommend them as we found them useful on our installations.

Jetpack takes care of your site security, website performance, traffic growth, image optimization, website appearance and a lot more.

W3 Total Cache  WordPress caching is one of the best ways to improve website performance. The general idea of caching is storing the website data temporarily in the cache so that it loads faster the next time the user opens the same page.

WP Smush Images are the great assets for your post/ page which easily grab the users’ attention. Uploading images helps you deliver the message many times better that simply the texts can. They make your page look attractive, catchy and engaging.

Wordfence As a website owner, one of the most crucial things to do is to keep your site secure from the hackers. It is something that you cannot afford to ignore. There may be thousands of malicious bots on the web which can attack your website anytime and destroy your entire work in no time. That is why you must always prevent the spams and keep your website secure.

MailChimp is one of the most popular email marketing services to manage subscribers, send emails and track results in the bulk. It is no doubt a great marketing tool for the webmasters and business owners. 

Yes certainly.  At a small fee we will install and do the integration for you.

As with the rest of your installation once you are familiar with your site, it becomes easier to install plugins and try them out.  The same rule apply as with Templates:

Try the free version first.

Backup, backup before you install.

Always make sure you don’t get a warning that the plugin is no longer supported.

Contact us if you are unsure.



We activated a COD option for your shop to get you started.  You can from there arrange for other payment methods for your goods.

ALWAYS be safe and deliver your goods only when you are sure the payment has been done.

Like many sites you have most probably visited, WooCommerce allows you a whole list of payment methods.

All payment gateways charge for their services. When a payment is processed you will either be charged a flat rate for each transaction or a percentage based on the total amount. You can also be charged both.

It’s important to do a little research into your customers preferred payment method. Credit Card transactions, such as those for Visa and Mastercard, are handled by most payment gateways, but consider options such as SnapScan, which allows your customers to pay using their SnapScan Mobile Banking App. If you’re customers tend to pay with debit cards, be sure to check the supported banks and payment methods to be sure this is possible before making a decision.

We suggest you ase one of the following Gateways.  Your customers are mostly situated locally and would this prefer to pay in ZAR and not in $.

The following popular Gateways are available to you:

EFT Secure
Virtual Card Services – VCS

Sandbox option is almost like a Demo mode which you can choose at first.

This allows you to try the Gateway at first on your site.  You can try your shop functions, emails and others setups before you go live and start accepting money.

Each gateway have their own rules regarding payment.  But the same as with a bank granting you credit, they may at first keep funds in your account for a period of time.  This is to allow your customers to apply for a refund or settle disputes before they release the funds.



The Client area is a secure area and contains all your products you have with us.  From here you control your hosting accounts, domains as well as your payment options.

This is also the area where you can log a ticket with questions to us, as well as order new products.

Yo have access to your Client section from the Menu option on our Homepage.Simply follow the link and login.

Please note that the Client Section is hosted on a different site than our Homepage for your security.  To go back to the Homepage please click on the HOME button on top of the screen.

The Client section is your Personal management tool on our system.

  • In this sections you can: Upgrade/downgrade your hosting plan from us.
  • Order new Services.
  • Search and register Domains.
  • Find supporting Documents we have.
  • Add a ticket for support.

In order to change your name and email address with us you have to log a Ticket from your Customer section.

This is done to secure your information and products you have with us against third party spam and hackers.

From you Client section you can also log a Ticket to us for support.  

Your ticket will be tended to during 8:00 and 22:00 daily.


We will do our best to assist you with queries you have with third parties such as Themes or Pluguns purchased and installed.

This might mean to log a ticket to them from our side, and as such we will depend on their communication

Fear not, you are not the first with a specific problem the answer is out there and we will find it!



Your shop comes with a free Storefront installation.  This is a very popular and trusted Theme developed for WooCommerce.

There is however plenty of Themes out there that might catch your eye for their lay-out or look. You may want to change you current theme of your shop.

We will look at the Theme you decide on and will advise you on compatibility, layout on Mobile devices etc.

Once you are happy for us to go ahead we will install the Theme for you without you losing your products and other hard work you have done.

For Premuim Themes you have to purchase directly from the developer before we can go ahead and install.

With so many plugins out there, you may be spoiled for choice, but also unsure of which one is the best for your installation.

Let us know and we will research the plugin and come to you with suggestions.

We can make sure it will not conflict with your other settings and advise you of best practices before we install it for you.

To start off with a Payment Gateway, you have to be very specific on what options you want to provide your clients with.

The registration process will have to be done with the Gateway you choose, but after all the admin details we will be glad to assist you with installation.

The exciting thing about your Shop is that it opens your eyes to what other shops offer to their clients.

You might feel happy with your Theme, but needs to change some styling options, which we can do for you.

You can also contact us for a Theme development.  We will forward you a questionnaire on your requirements and quote you on you own Template designed for your specific needs.

You have full access to your account for backups, email installations and other functions from your client section.

Need a new email setup?  Just log a ticket and we will do it in a flash!

We offer 2D or 3D logo design at very affordable prices.

We include:

  • Unlimited revisions
  • 5 Initial Consepts
  • Source file
  • Social media kit
  • Logo Transparancy

Contact us for a questionnaire and we will send you a quote.